Film Info
Country Listing:USA
Festival Year:2014
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Official Rating:14A
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Tony Shaff
Producer(s):Lauren Ashley Belfer
Bryce Renninger
Tony Shaff
Editor(s):Charlie Dugan
Cinematographer(s):Tony Shaff
Lauren Ashley Belfer
Composer(s):Jess Stroup
Millions of calls are made each year to hotlines around the world. Who are the people who make these calls, and who are the mysterious voices answering on the other end? Eavesdrop on the private exchanges taking place over telephone hotlines, where strangers connect to satisfy lust, predict futures and save lives. Hotline take you on an insightful journey, revealing shocking secrets from lusty sex-line voices, funny tales from famed fortune teller Ms. Cleo and the emotional and life-changing stories behind suicide prevention hotlines. As screens increasingly mediate our conversations and interactions with other people, Hotline explores the intimacy of voice-to-voice communication and the irreplaceable importance of human-to-human interaction. Heather Haynes
Additional Information

Dork Shelf - "Enlightening and emotionally satisfying."

The Arts Guild - "Powerful."

Indiewire - Interview with Ms. Cleo

Cinemablographer - 3.5/4 stars, "Candid and funny."

One Movie, Five Views - "Incredibly touching."