I've Seen the Unicorn
  • Flor de Toloache
  • Flor de Toloache
  • Flor de Toloache
Film Info
Country Listing:Canada
Festival Year:2014
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Official Rating:G
Screening Info
Co-Presenter(s):Canadian Sport Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Vincent Toi
Producer(s):Vincent Toi
Michael Massicotte
Marley Sniatowsky
Sophie Bédard Marcotte
Sonya Mladenova (Co-Producer)
George Fok (Co-Producer)
Editor(s):Daniel Dietzel
Writer(s):Vincent Toi
Cinematographer(s):George Fok
Composer(s):Jonas Bonnetta
Pierre-Luc Lecours
Sound:Pierre-Luc Lecours
Myriam Boucher
Pierre-Olivier Rioux
On the tiny island nation of Mauritius, Alvinio Roy, a young, stouthearted fisherman, dreams of becoming a champion jockey at the fabled Champs de Mars Racecourse. Though a remnant of the British Empire, which ruled Mauritius until 1968, horse racing has endured as the lifeblood of the island. As one local explains, "There are beaches—and horse racing!" We follow Alvinio and other horse racing aficionados—a Rastafarian gambler, a shrewd bookmaker, an Irish jockey and the head trainer of the Gujadhur family stables—in rapt anticipation of the year’s ultimate race: The Maiden Cup. With a lyrical eye, director Vincent Toi throws us into the nail-biting sport of horse racing to evoke a nation resolute in spirit despite centuries of colonial rule. I’ve Seen the Unicorn conjures a tangible, fragrant sense of place and a nation galloping forward on its optimism. Justin Mah
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Flor de Toloache (4min) More
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Canadian Film Review - "Watch"

The Arts Guild - 7.6/10, "Stunning."

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