Film Info
Country Listing:Italy
Festival Year:2014
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Official Rating:PG
Program Categories:Mystery, Myth & Legend
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Juri Mazumdar
Producer(s):Lorenzo Paccagnella
Heidi Gronauer
Editor(s):Giorgio Chiodi
Executive Producer(s):Emanuele Vernillo
Nadia Caruso
Writer(s):Juri Mazumdar
Cinematographer(s):Anke Riester
Sound:Gero Hecker
Around a campfire an old man tells stories about the dark age, Kalyug. Villagers listen engrossed to tales of the tragic princess Zahama, the mighty plague of demons and the heroic healer who came to save them. In this breathtaking debut from director Juri Mazumdar, folklore and legend are brought through to the modern day, as old tales from the indigenous Bhil are interwoven with situations faced by their people now. The first settlers on the plains of western Central India, the Bhil today find themselves crossing between their old world and modern India. Through the telling of stories from their past in mythic principles, we’re taken into modern-day poverty, AIDS, loss and guilt. Through the ghosts and legends of this beautiful land, we gain a sense of the people’s dignity, hopes and challenges, and the reflections between a mythic past and present. Charlotte Cook