Miraculous Tales
Film Info
Country Listing:UK
Festival Year:2014
Premiere Status:Canadian Premiere
Official Rating:G
Program Categories:Mystery, Myth & Legend
Screening Info
Co-Presenter(s):Toronto Irish Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Daniel Vernon
Producer(s):Daniel Vernon
Paul Dosaj
Editor(s):Paul Dosaj
Executive Producer(s):Alison Millar
Cinematographer(s):Daniel Vernon
Sound:Matt Skilton
In a small village in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, 73-year-old farmer turned writer Mickey McGuigan is our guide into the still-beating heart of pagan Ireland. We discover that, although often hidden beneath a veneer of Catholic (or sometimes Protestant) religiosity, the old folk wisdom has never gone away. As Mickey introduces us to the proponents of various “cures”— from the man who can cure ringworm in cattle with spit, to a woman who treats colicky babies by unknotting a piece of string—we see the balance between desperation and hope in the lives of a people attached to an ancient way of life even when it no longer has much to offer them. James McNally
Included Shorts
The Apothecary (17min) More
Additional Information
Thirty Four Flavours - "Poignant."