Tour of Duty
Film Info
Country Listing:South Korea
Festival Year:2014
Premiere Status:Canadian Premiere
Official Rating:14A
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Kyoung-tae Park
Dong-ryung Kim
Producer(s):Bo-young An
Writer(s):Kyoung-tae Park
Dong-ryung Kim
Composer(s):Two Myung
Sound:Jung-young Moon
Though the derogatory “yanggalbo” (Western whore) is more common, the official term is “wianbu” (comfort women). The latter is the one used by the Korean government during the Korean War to describe the 350,000 women whose bodies were assigned to “comfort stations.” In Allied-occupied Korea in the decades following the war, the number of wianbu rose to 1 million—encouraged as a way to earn American dollars and build the national economy. Now, an abandoned military camp near Seoul sits waiting to be demolished. Before new buildings are erected and injustices are paved over, directors Dong-ryung Kim and Kyoung-tae Park collaborate with three women who remain in this now forgotten place, masterfully and artfully finding a powerful voice in each. Heartbreakingly honest and beautiful, this empowering piece is a necessary history from those who know all too well that their time as wianbu isn’t just a problem of the past. Sarafina DiFelice