Tablet Strategies: New Directions of Interactive Documentary
Hot Docs Industry Centre, 2nd FloorTue, Apr 29, 2014 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Passes Only  
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Tablets are on the rise as the place for consumers to watch video content. Creators, producers and publishers of tablet documentaries share their research, business models and creative approaches that demonstrate the tablet as a significant and viable way to deliver engaging, thought-provoking and interactive work.

Projects addressed in this session include:


John Canning, Media Producer, Media SHERPA, LLC

John currently works for where he translates the prime time TV experience to the second screen and interactive experiences for The Voice, Million Second Quiz, Blacklist and more. Before NBC, Canning was a founding member of, a collaborative, cloud-based video storytelling platform, and served as the VP of Product Experience. On the technology and media consulting side, John has spent the past 20+ years leveraging his electrical engineering and information design background working for Disney, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, Popbox and others focused on technology and creating and delivering digital media, games and interactive experiences. On the production side, John Canning has filmed and produced in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in over six continents, covering stories, companies and causes in more than 60 countries for online, broadcast, film and print media outlets including MSNBC, MSN, Slate, Expedia Radio, Yahoo Studios,, Around The World Productions, and for such clients as African Wildlife Foundation, CARE, EarthWatch, Children Mending Hearts, USAID, UNDP and others.


Mickael Brock, Founder, Astronaut Magazine

Mickael Brock founded Astronaut Magazine to have a place to tell great stories, whether they feature famous filmmakers, undiscovered rookies or unknown amateurs. What matters most is the story they have to tell. Since its conception as a digital publication, Astronaut has grown into a small creative shop. When they're not working for their clients, they get a kick out of helping friends with the projects that they're passionate about.

Vincent McCurley, Creative Technologist, NFB

Vincent McCurley is a creative technologist at the National Film Board of Canada's Digital Studio. He regularly calls upon his 15 years of interactive design and programming experience to help filmmakers and artists use technology to tell stories in creative and innovative new ways on mobile, desktop, and installation. Notable works include award-winning interactive projects WELCOME TO PINE POINT, BEAR 71, GOD'S LAKE NARROWS, THE LOXELYS & THE WAR OF 1812, and THE LAST HUNT. 

Ramona Pringle, Director, Producer Avatar Secrets

Ramona Pringle is a producer, interactive video artist, host and professor. She has developed and produced projects for CBC, TVO, CTV and PBS where she worked as interactive producer on Frontline’s Digital Nation. Current projects include AVATAR SECRETS, an interactive documentary, and THE NEW PHIOLOSPHERS OF THE DIGITAL AGE for Rdigitalife and The Walrus. Ramona's on-camera work includes roles in SHOOT 'EM UP and CINDERELLA MAN, and hosting CBC’s The X, and the Idea City webcast. Ramona is a faculty member at Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media, and a member of the Transmedia Centre. She has a Master’s Degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and a BFA in Film from York University. Ramona has spoken at SXSW, NXNE and diy days, and is a recurring digital media expert on CTV News. Her work has been featured in Mashable and The New York Times, and she is one of Plackback Magazine’s "10 to Watch."

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