Home Alone: Quote-Along
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Film Info
Run Time:103 minutes
Director(s):Chris Columbus
Distributed by:Twentieth Century Fox
Featuring:Macaulay Culkin
Joe Pesci
Daniel Stern
Catherine O’Hara
John Heard

Calling all ladies, gentlemen and little jerks: It's time to don your ugly Christmas sweater for our third annual Home Alone quote-along! Just like last year, we're showing it with subtitles, karaoke-style, so you can get rowdy and shout out your favourite lines (“Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!”), scream with Kevin and enjoy some lovely cheese pizza.

Hosted by the hilarious Gillian Bartolucci.

8:30 PM: Doors Open
9:30 PM: Screening

Doc & Beer Combo: $18 (Members: $14, $12, $6), includes screening, a can of Mill Street and a large popcorn.

Bring a donation of rice or dried beans in support of The Stop and we’ll give you a prop bag full of goodies!

Critical praise:

  • BBC - “Captures some of the best qualities of Christmas in a surprisingly enjoyable format.”
  • The New York Times - “This surprisingly charming film may be the first Christmas black comedy for children.”
  • Variety - “Culkin is a delight as funny, resilient Kevin, and O'Hara brings a snappy, zesty energy to the role of mom.”
  • Washington Post - “Home Alone is every kid's anarchical wish come true.”

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