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Run Time:91 min
Director(s):Cosima Spender
Distributed by:ArchMedia

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For almost 800 years, the Italian city of Siena has hosted the oldest horse race in the world. A race thick with history, strategy and bribery, the Palio creates intense competition and rivalries. In the eye of the storm stand the jockeys: loved and loathed by the districts they represent, they forge alliances and make deals with large sums. Legendary rider Luigi Bruschelli has won 13 Palios in 16 years and is accused by his critics of monopolizing the race by working the system, paying off younger jockeys and fixing the race with average horses. Two races away from beating the world record, Bruschelli will do anything to win—but one jockey stands in his way. Their passionate battle is an epic and cinematic tale of Italian life in microcosm in this tense and exciting film.

In Italian, with English subtitles.

Co-presented by Italian Contemporary Film Festival.

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Winner—Best Documentary Feature, Tribeca Film Festival 2015