Broken Hearts, Jilted Lovers and Lost Souls—Featuring Good Enough Live Karaoke
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaSat, Feb 13, 2016 10:00 PM Not Available

Let’s face it, not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. After all, isn’t it a manufactured holiday meant to sell heart shaped chocolates and celebrate traditional notions of love and commitment? This year, let’s shout HELL NO! and celebrate our life choices, failed relationships and the sheer power of the perfect break-up song. Join Good Enough Live Karaoke, Toronto’s best live karaoke, for a night dedicated to broken hearts, jilted lovers, lost souls and “the rest of us.” Channel your inner diva, step up on stage, and belt out, wail, shout through, and sing the hell out of your favorite love songs. Leave it on the stage and enjoy what is going to be your happiest Valentine’s weekend ever.

Drinks specials available, the bar will be open late!

Tickets: $5
Member tickets: Free