Film Info
Run Time:84 min
Director(s):Andrea Prandstraller, Niccolò Bruna

Verdi’s Aida is ambitiously and beautifully produced in the 2,000-year-old Verona Arena, a glorious and massive outdoor Roman amphitheatre that easily lives up to the moniker of “magic arena” in this stunning documentary. Celebrating the centenary of the venue’s Opera Festival and the bicentennial of the composer’s birth, the production is both lavish in the traditional sense and puts a new spin on the production with avant-garde Spanish theatre troupe La Fura Dels Baus. The documentary takes us backstage, pulling back the curtain to see countless workers vibrating with exhilaration, palpable stress and the thrill of realized dreams. All the hard work aims towards opening night, an awe-inspiring spectacle with bedazzled dancers, towering torches, intricate giant puppets and more.

In Italian, with English subtitles.

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