The Russian Woodpecker
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Film Info
Run Time:80 min
Director(s):Chad Gracia
Country:Ukraine, UK, USA
Distributed by:Film Buff

This gripping conspiracy thriller follows artist Fedor Alexandrovich, who was just four years old when he was exposed to the toxic effects of the Chernobyl disaster. Now 33, with radioactive strontium in his bones, the unforgettably eccentric Alexandrovich seeks to learn more about what happened at the nuclear plant. He becomes fascinated with the Duga: a giant, mysterious Cold War weapon two miles from the disaster site. While his theory that Chernobyl was an inside job starts out as far-fetched, the film takes a turn when secret police appear and a terrifying twist occurs. Revolution, paranoia and terror engulf the crew. This Sundance Grand Jury winner and Doc Soup favourite pushes the boundaries of the form while telling a crucial story about the deadly dance between Ukraine and Russia, and hinting at what Putin has in mind next.

In Russian, with English subtitles.

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Winner—World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize, Sundance 2015