Doc Soup Sundays: Never Be Boring: Billy Wilder
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaSun, May 21 11:00 AM Not Available
Film Info
Run Time:90 min
Director(s):André Schäfer
Jascha Hannover
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Featuring:Billy Wilder
Jack Lemmon
Volker Schlondorff

Doc Soup Sundays: A Sunday morning Doc Soup spin-off featuring the world's best art, culture and design docs.

Some Like It Hot, Sunset Boulevard, The Apartment, Double Indemnity…Billy Wilder was one of the great entertainers of the Classical Hollywood era and one of its most celebrated writers and directors. One of a slew of directors who fled from Nazism and settled into a successful career in the United States, Wilder was a six-time Oscar winner best known for his singular cocktail of cynicism and wit. Never Be Boring dives into his fascinating life and work, featuring archival interviews with the man himself as well as collaborators and friends from across his historic career.

There will be a post-screening Skype Q&A with co-director Jascha Hannover.

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