The Last Laugh
Film Info
Run Time:85 min
Director(s):Ferne Pearlstein
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Featuring:Renee Firestone, Klara Firestone, Gilbert Gottfried, Rob Reiner, Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman

Showbiz heavyweights like Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman and more discuss how humour can force us to confront difficult subjects, in particular the Holocaust. “It’s awful...and hilarious,” Silverman quips. “It’s awful hilarious.” While there is no clear consensus anywhere in sight, this film’s exploration of the boundary between good and bad taste is nuanced and illuminating. Fresh interpretations of famous Nazi-themed comedy like The Producers and “The Soup Nazi” add further depth to this contentious cultural investigation. Star-studded, provocative and thoroughly entertaining, The Last Laugh dares to ask uncomfortable questions about just how free speech can really be, with unexpected and hilarious results.

Co-presented by Toronto Jewish Film Society, a program of the Miles Nadal JCC and Yuk Yuk's.

Additional Information

NOW Magazine - 3/5 Ns "guaranteed to generate conversation."

Variety - "Entertaining, thought-provoking."

Hollywood Reporter - "Funny and sobering at the same time."