Ban This Series: Libya in Motion
North American Premiere
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaMon, Mar 6 6:30 PM
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Film Info
Run Time:74 min
Country:Libya, UK
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)

Ban This Series: Documentaries from the seven countries included in the travel ban enacted by executive order on January 27, 2017.

From Tripoli to Benghazi, meet a grandmother sowing the national flag with relish, a young woman determined to become a film director, a fisherman philosopher, illegal migrants caught in limbo in a detention centre, a group of young filmmakers trying to fund their fiction film and many more. Made up of 13 short docs, Libya in Motion is an on-the-ground peek into the day-to-day resilience of those living in post-revolution Libya. Shot over the course of several years, the filmmakers chart the immediate wake of the civil war up to 2015, revealing remarkable stories of courage, recovery and struggle.

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