Ban This Series: Beats of the Antonov
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaWed, Mar 8 8:30 PM
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Film Info
Run Time:68 min
Director(s):Hajooj Kuka
Country:Sudan, South Africa

Ban This Series: Documentaries from the seven countries included in the travel ban enacted by executive order on January 27, 2017.

Along the war-torn border between North and South Sudan, there is music. Even as the North Sudanese government rains down bombs from their Ukrainian-made Antonov planes, diverse communities of refugees defiantly assert and celebrate their identities through traditional music and dance. With inspiring ingenuity, they come together to loudly and proudly demonstrate that the civil war has not broken their cultural fabric. From Sudanese native and grassroots activist Hajooj Kuka, this People’s Choice Award winner from TIFF 2014 is an inspiring portrait of human resilience and the unifying capabilities of culture in the face of a terrifying force from the north.

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Variety - “A true standout.”

The Hollywood Reporter - “Oddly optimistic.”

Indiewire - “Deeply personal but also deeply enlightening.”