Antarctica: Ice and Sky
Film Info
Run Time:89 min
Director(s):Luc Jacquet

From the director of March of the Penguins comes this extraordinary encounter with the awe-inspiring and strange landscapes of Antarctica. With sweeping cinematography, we are introduced to the story of pioneering climate scientist Claude Lorius and his ground-breaking findings. Now 83, he reflects on his adventurous life and love of the natural world he has seen change before his very eyes. A bittersweet tribute to a life of passion, reflections on Lorius’s formidable career are set against delightful and breathtaking encounters with penguins, ice floes and shooting stars. Antarctica: Ice & Sky is both a beautifully personal biography and a provocative call to action.

Additional Information

Nominee—Golden Eye, Cannes Film Festival 2015

The Guardian - “Personal and reflective.”

Slant - “An urgent warning.”

The New York Times - “Heady and sobering.”