The Animal Kingdom: Winged Migration
Film Info
Run Time:89 min
Director(s):Jacques Perrin
Jacques Cluzaud
Michel Debats
Narrated by:Jacques Perrin

In our new series The Animal Kingdom, we invite the whole family to be inspired by the wonders of nature. Join us to marvel at some of the greatest images of wildlife ever committed to film followed by fascinating conversations with animal experts and enthusiasts. We are kicking off the series with Oscar nominee Winged Migration, a film that allows the viewer an opportunity to soar with migratory birds through an assortment of beautiful countries and locales over various seasons and climates. Using a state of the art aerial camera, the filmmakers offer us a stunning view as a variety of birds make their journey from one hemisphere to another.

Before the screening, we will be visited by Sparky the Shrike (one of the rarest birds in Canada) from the Toronto Zoo, who will meet and greet with the audience.

3:00 PM: Meet Sparky the Shrike
3:30 PM: Film Screening

Stay for a post-screening discussion on how we can help migratory birds like Sparky in an era where rare species of birds are disappearing from the planet with Dr. Bridget Stutchbury, Canada Research Chair in Ecology and Conservation Biology at York University and Vice President of Wildlife Preservation Canada.

Additional Information

Tickets for under-16s: $6

Nominee—Oscar, Best Documentary, Academy Awards 2003

Roger Ebert – “There are sights here I will not easily forget.”

Time – “Technologically and aesthetically riveting.”

The New York Times – “Breathtaking cinematography.”

This event is presented with Wildlife Preservation Canada, which has been leading the shrike's recovery effort.