Exhibition on Screen: The Artist's Garden: American Impressionism
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaSun, Apr 23 1:30 PM Not Available
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Run Time:90 min
Director(s):Phil Grabsky
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Narrated by:Gillian Anderson

Exhibition on Screen: The work of masters in exhibitions around the world.

Transport yourself to a pivotal moment in art history when Impressionist painters immersed themselves in natural environments surrounded by beauty just as the world around them was moving further into an industrial age. The American Impressionists took their lead from French masters like Renoir and Monet and applied it to the rapidly developing United States. Meet the artists who captured these radical changes over the course of four decades, telling the story of an era, the rise of gardening and public parks as a modern spiritual gateway, and see the locations that inspired the extraordinary masterpieces that vividly bring it all to life.

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