Alternative Facts Survival Guide: All the President's Men
Film Info
Run Time:138 min
Director(s):Alan J. Pakula
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Cast:Robert Redford
Dustin Hoffman
Jason Robards

Alternative Facts Survival Guide: Take heart! Today's best journalists arm you with the intellectual tools needed to decode a world of fake news.

How do you cover a President who has declared a war on the press? In this classic drama, Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) break the Watergate scandal and face increasingly perilous threats from the Nixon administration.

After the screening we'll check in with the Toronto Star's Washington correspondent Daniel Dale, whose Trump Lie Tracker is holding another press-bashing White House accountable for its deceptions. We'll hear Dale's advice for separating facts from "alternative facts" in Trump's Washington and the lessons he has put to use after covering Rob Ford's falsehoods here in Toronto.

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Best Adapted Screenplay49th Academy Awards

"Brilliant...essential." –Empire

"A spellbinding detective story." – The New York Times