Errol Morris Retrospective: Gates of Heaven
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaSat, Jun 17 4:00 PM Not Available
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Run Time:87 min
Director(s):Errol Morris

Errol Morris Retrospective: In conjunction with The B-Side, we celebrate and screen the auteur's major works.

Errol Morris’s debut documentary has endured as one of the most acclaimed of all time, and for good reason. An unforgettable and altogether bizarre spin on the American dream, Gates of Heaven follows the story of two pet cemeteries in California—one successful and one failure—that take different approaches to the profession. After Floyd McClure’s business fails, the buried animals are unearthed and transported to the Harberts’ flourishing cemetery. Morris gets to know the people behind this unusual line of work and unexpectedly creates a poignant and deep human story about longing, loneliness and mortality along the way.

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“Unclassifiable, provocative, tantalizing.” – Roger Ebert

“A real treat of everyday surrealism.” – Time Out