Game Changers: Patti Smith: Dream of Life
Film Info
Run Time:109 min
Director(s):Steven Sebring
Featuring:Patti Smith

Game Changers: Stories of remarkable individuals and their impact on our world.

Since emerging on the music scene as the “godmother of punk” in the 70s with her unmistakable voice, Patti Smith has never stopped evolving and expanding as an artist. Following her comeback after a 16-year hiatus while she raised a family, filmmaker Steven Sebring followed Smith for over a decade in the making of this extremely candid and unusual portrait. Narrated by Smith herself, Dream of Life is an unconventional biography that offers a window into her philosophies, musings, and personality as well as an examination of her poetry, music, writing and art work. A true original, Smith’s fierce talent and spirit are on full display here.

Co-presented by Soundscapes.
Additional Information

Winner—Best Documentary, Durban International Film Festival 2008

“Disarms and charms with its honesty.” – Toronto Star

“A defiantly creative life.” – The Globe and Mail

“Full picture of the gifted icon.” – NOW