Game Changers: El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
Film Info
Run Time:108 min
Director(s):Gereon Wetzel
Featuring:Ferran Adrià
Oriol Castro
Eduard Xatruch

Game Changers: Stories of remarkable individuals and their impact on our world.

There are few food documentaries as fascinating as this one, with insider access to one of the most ambitious kitchens in the world at the world famous Ell Bulli, which has topped Restaurant Magazine's list of the best restaurants in the world a record five times. Closed for half the year to give its influential master chef Ferran Adrià and his genius team of innovators the time to step into the lab and create exciting new dishes, he uses meticulous scientific research to develop aesthetic and flavour experiences that have never existed before, having virtually transformed cuisine forever. This is the closest you can get to the making of today's boldest experimental cuisine; you can almost taste it.

Additional Information

“Cooking like you’ve never seen.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Rethink the very idea of fine dining.” – Los Angeles Times

“Food as artistic expression.” – Seattle Times