Like Totally 80s: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Film Info
Run Time:115 min
Director(s):Steven Spielberg
Cast:Harrison Ford
Karen Allen
Paul Freeman
John Rhys-Davies
Denholm Elliott
Alfred Molina

Like Totally 80s!: Break out your dusty spandex and join us for a week of unabashed nostalgia.

Nothing beats the original Indiana Jones, which still stands as one of the all-time most fun movie adventures and finds George Lucas and Steven Spielberg at their creative peaks. Our hero Indy (Harrison Ford), archaeologist and occult expert, is searching for the Ark of the Covenant, thought to hold the ten commandments, and soon finds Nazis hot on his tail. He pairs up with his ex-lover, Marion (Karen Allen), and the two embark on a thrilling quest complete with explosions, booby traps, rolling boulders, scary snakes and the supernatural. We're pairing the film with Raiders! The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, a true testament to the awe-inspiring nature of this undisputed classic.

Watch Raiders of the Lost Ark with the fan film it inspired (Raiders! The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made) for a special double-bill price of $16. Buy double bill.


Additional Information

Winner—Oscar, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Effects, Visual Effects, Academy Awards 1982

“Glorious imagination and breakneck speed.” – Roger Ebert

“Deliriously funny, ingenious, and stylish.” – The New York Times 

“Great spirit of high adventure.” – The Hollywood Reporter