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The Backward Class
Intent on breaking out of the cycle of poverty, the Dalit students of Shanti Bhavan school in India prepare to make history by becoming the first from their “untouchable” caste to take high-school graduation exams.
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Before the Last Curtain Falls
Stunning cinematography and soaring music unite the tumultuous off-stage lives of six aging Belgian transvestite and transsexual performers with scenes from their European ballet Gardenia into a profoundly human portrait of love—and a masterpiece of documentary art and contemporary dance cinema.
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The Case Against 8
Same-sex marriage equality has had a long and arduous road to the US Supreme Court. This gripping and moving portrait of an emboldened movement focuses on the struggle to strike down California’s Prop 8 as unconstitutional.
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Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
If our culture is so food obsessed, why do we toss away nearly 50 per cent of it? Two filmmakers quit grocery shopping, surviving on discarded food as they explore consumable waste from farm to fridge.
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Keep On Keepin' On
Ninety-three-year-old jazz legend Clark Terry mentors blind piano prodigy Justin Kauflin, but as Terry’s health and sight fade, their relationship deepens. Through their shared passion in music, they find the strength to face their individual challenges.
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Kings of the Wind & Electric Queens
This chaotic portrait reflects the vivid sights of India’s Sonepur Fair on the first day of Diwali, subtly using tarot card figures as a framework for this hypnotic exploration of Bihari culture.
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Mad as Hell
Cenk Uygur is a man determined to change the face of news media, and he’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way. In this unlikely version of the American Dream, Cenk rises from public access TV to become the creator of the most popular online news show in the world.
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Meet the Patels
Traditionally, every Patel marries a Patel, even in America. After a failed relationship, a first-generation Indian-American decides to find love the old-fashioned way by letting his parents find him a wife.
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Out of Mind, Out of Sight
With unprecedented access, multiple Emmy award-winner John Kastner returns to the Brockville Mental Health Centre to capture patients struggling for control of their lives in the face of a society that fears and demonizes them for their violent acts.
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The Secret Trial 5
The film tells the shocking story of Canada’s security certificates, an unusual policy mechanism used to imprison five Muslim men without charge for nearly 30 years combined, while the evidence against them remains secret.
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A Belgian conservationist and a team of Congolese rangers work tirelessly to protect the world’s last mountain gorilla population against a drug-addled armed militia, violent poachers and sinister rebels, all vying for control over Virunga National Park's lucrative natural resources.
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Waiting for August
When her mother moves to Italy to find work, 15-year-old Georgiana is left in charge of taking care of her six siblings, abruptly catapulting the Romanian teen from adolescence into adulthood.
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Walking Under Water
The last compressor diver from the Badjao tribe on Mabul Island near Borneo imparts his wisdom and diving techniques to a young student in this magical look at tall tales, tradition, tree spirits and tourism.
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