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Around the World in 50 Concerts
Award-winning documentary veteran Heddy Honigmann follows Netherlands’ prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra on an astounding musical journey as they perform 50 concerts on six continents to celebrate their 125th anniversary. With stunning passion and intellect, the masters perform and discuss their music.
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Beyond the Fear
Delving deep into the mind of Yigal Amir, the rightwing Israeli radical who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the directors pore over his life-altering decisions, opening a window onto humankind’s capacity for both good and evil.
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Blood Sisters
Bearing deep emotional scars from their abduction as children, twin sisters flee their native Azerbaijan to seek refuge in Sweden. Bound by their trauma, they find comfort in each other, but will their intense attachment smother their independence?
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Aspiring performer Vic Cohen talked his way into comedian Howie Mandel’s life. Charmed by Cohen’s determination to find his creative path, Mandel begins shooting him for 13 years, capturing a fearless struggle to make it not only in show business, but in life.
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The Cult of JT LeRoy
By captivating readers with stories of his traumatic childhood, JT LeRoy was catapulted to literary fame at age 19 and earned a fiercely devoted celebrity following, but lurking just beneath the pages was a secret that would explode into a scandal.
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From This Day Forward
An awkward teenager when her father first came out as transgender, the director returns to her parents as she approaches her own wedding day to ask how, against such high stakes, they made their love last.
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Hot Sugar's Cold World
A modern-day Mozart or a hyped music producer, Hot Sugar is in crisis. He mixes everyday noises into Grammy-nominated beats, but when girlfriend, internet-phenom “Kitty,” dumps him, he takes off to Paris seeking himself and new sounds in this fantastical road trip.
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Indian Point
Enter the reactor core of Indian Point, a nuclear power plant situated only 35 miles from New York City. Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the plant has become a battleground for politicians, big business and activists.
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The Last Mogul
The legendary Lew Wasserman has been credited with creating—and later dismantling—Hollywood's studio system in a near-mythic career spanning more than six decades. But what does Wasserman's legacy mean in the modern media landscape transformed by Kickstarter, Netflix and YouTube?
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Leaving Africa
In Uganda, a Finnish woman shares a deep friendship with her Ugandan housemate, but when they courageously confront religious leaders on women’s rights and sexuality they face a government backlash that could cost them everything.
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Listen to Me Marlon
Legendary actor Marlon Brando recounts his life through his private audio tapes in this beautifully crafted and highly artistic portrait that allows the viewer inside the mind of the elusive and acclaimed movie icon.
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Missing People
An enigmatic New York curator investigates her brother's long-unsolved murder while obsessing over the violent work and life of an outsider artist from New Orleans, but her quest for answers leads to mysteries long buried.
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The Nightmare
Director Rodney Ascher (Room 237) crafts a real-life documentary horror film that asks viewers to drift off into the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the waking reality of those who suffer from visits from the shadow men.
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