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Beyond the Fear
Delving deep into the mind of Yigal Amir, the rightwing Israeli radical who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the directors pore over his life-altering decisions, opening a window onto humankind’s capacity for both good and evil.
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The Bolivian Case
Three Norwegian teenaged girlfriends get caught smuggling cocaine out of Bolivia. Each is guilty, so why does only one take the fall? Cue a tabloid media storm, professional kidnappers and a behind-bars pregnancy in this sensational exposé.
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Chuck Norris vs Communism
In Communist Romania of the 1980s, ordinary citizens risked arrest and imprisonment to secure bootlegged copies of Hollywood blockbusters. Hear the stories of these Stallone-loving, dictatorship-toppling movie fans.
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Acclaimed filmmaker Kim Longinotto crafts a deeply moving portrait of a former teenage prostitute who fought her way off the streets to become an unstoppable force for change in the lives of Chicago’s at-risk women.
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Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon
With audacity and verve, the National Lampoon magazine became America’s top humour publication, casting a wide cultural net and launching the careers of many comedy legends including John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray.
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Finders Keepers
When an enterprising entrepreneur inadvertently buys a human foot at an auction, he fashions it into an unlikely tourist attraction. But when the original owner lays claim to his errant extremity, a stranger-than-fiction and larger-than-life legal battle ensues.
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Listen to Me Marlon
Legendary actor Marlon Brando recounts his life through his private audio tapes in this beautifully crafted and highly artistic portrait that allows the viewer inside the mind of the elusive and acclaimed movie icon.
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Love Between the Covers
A guilty pleasure or a disparaged art form? Romance fiction outsells all other genres combined, yet its largely female authors and readers are derided—until now! Nora Roberts and other titans confront the sexism and stereotypes of this multi-billion dollar industry.
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Missing People
An enigmatic New York curator investigates her brother's long-unsolved murder while obsessing over the violent work and life of an outsider artist from New Orleans, but her quest for answers leads to mysteries long buried.
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The Nightmare
Director Rodney Ascher (Room 237) crafts a real-life documentary horror film that asks viewers to drift off into the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the waking reality of those who suffer from visits from the shadow men.
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Rolling Papers
When Colorado legalized marijuana, the Denver Post hired the world’s first marijuana editor. Sit back as he and his pot reviewers, “high” mommy bloggers and grass-preneurs roll establishment and counter-cultures into a strange new canni-business.
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Four young men embark upon an adventure of a lifetime. Traversing desert to mountain, they ride over 3000 miles from Mexico to Canada on adopted wild mustangs—a journey once a reality for western frontiersmen.
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War of Lies
How did one refugee in Germany become the American government’s justification for the 2003 Iraq invasion? The unrepentant Iraqi “engineer”—the lone source of weapons of mass destruction misinformation—finally reveals how the war based on his lie truly began.
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