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The Amina Profile
Lesbian eroticism, the Arab Spring and a suspicious abduction turn an online love affair between a Montreal woman and the writer of the popular blog A Gay Girl in Damascus into an international thriller about identity.
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A Ghanaian investigative journalist with a dash of James Bond rises to become a national hero as he slips into disguise undercover to expose corruption and injustice while on a relentless campaign of “naming, shaming and jailing” criminals.
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The Closer We Get
After the filmmaker’s indomitable mother suffers a debilitating stroke, her normally tight-lipped family opens up to unravel the astonishing secrets of her parents' 50-year relationship and their twisted family tree with roots stretching from Scotland to Ethiopia.
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A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics
Oscar-winning director John Zaritsky celebrates eccentrics in this light-hearted but affectionate look at non-conformists—from a Utah cave dweller who hasn’t used money in 12 years to a beloved Vancouver psychic often seen with her pet duck in a buggy.
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Exotica, Erotica, Etc.
As a former prostitute lyrically recalls her encounters with the lonely sailors she has met at port, her poetry combined with exquisite cinematography of the ships at sea creates a stunning visual essay of adventure, desire and heartbreak.
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Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
The team behind Oil Sands Karaoke captures the stunning beauty of Haida Gwaii, where Aboriginal rights activists, newcomer ecologists and quirky islanders unite to create a sustainable and healing community—now at risk from a proposed oil tanker route.
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The Living Fire
Set in the Ukraine’s breathtaking Carpathian Mountains, three generations of shepherds struggle with change as their simple but laborious way of life becomes harder to sustain when faced with the allure of the modern world.
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Lowdown Tracks
Passion, talent and tragedy combine in the performances of five transient musicians who busk for change on Toronto’s streets. Their songs of survival and stories of life on the margins deeply resonate, with help from The Parachute Club's Lorraine Segato.
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The Messenger
From Turkey’s Mount Ararat to the streets of New York, experts and enthusiasts raise the alarm over the disappearance of populations of glorious songbirds – humanity’s canary in the coalmine signalling ever-worsening environmental devastation.
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Seventeen years old, African American and poor, “T-Rex” knows a gold medal in women’s boxing at 2012 Olympics is her only chance of escaping family drama and a dead-end town. Get knocked out by the hype and hypocrisy of the celebrity sports industry.
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Four young men embark upon an adventure of a lifetime. Traversing desert to mountain, they ride over 3000 miles from Mexico to Canada on adopted wild mustangs—a journey once a reality for western frontiersmen.
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Warriors From the North
This complex and multilayered story of a father desperately trying to make contact with his son who has joined al-Shabaab offers chilling insight into what fuels the current trend of Western Muslim youth joining radical groups abroad.
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Welcome to Leith
A real-life horror story unfolds in the near-deserted town of Leith, North Dakota, when a dangerous white supremacist attempts to buy up land in a plot to establish a community of neo-Nazis.
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