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24 Hour Party People
This ingenious and high octane docudrama on the Manchester music scene from punk through new wave has an incredible cast and, of course, a stellar soundtrack.
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Aguirre, the Wrath of God
Possibly Herzog’s most notorious and best-known film, Klaus Kinski's crazed zeal is unforgettable here, in what Roger Ebert has called “one of the great haunting visions of the cinema.”
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Burden of Dreams
Les Blank expertly captures the unfolding of Herzog's legendary five-year production of Fitzcarraldo, loaded with ambition and riddled with misfortune.
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Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Having gained unprecedented access despite strict restrictions and technical challenges, Herzog used specially-designed 3D cameras to capture the world's oldest cave paintings—a stunning 32,000 years old.
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Culture Workers Unwind: July Event
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Curious Minds: Italy: From Top to Bottom
Professor Franco Gallippi returns to guide you on a brand new journey through the distinctive regional cultures and traditions that still endure a century and a half after the unification of Italy.
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Curious Minds: Rebel Cinema: The World-Changing Movies of the 50s, 60s and 70s
Geoff Pevere returns to provide a fascinating global survey of the most radical and rich period in movie history, from the performances of Brando and Catherine Deneuve to the films of Kubrick, Altman and Godard.
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Discover Ontario: Land of Destiny
In this soulful portrait of Sarnia, the city's long-suffering petrochemical workers reveal the importance, and meaning, of community.
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Discover Ontario: Rush—Beyond the Lighted Stage
Join us for a rollicking journey through the 40-year history of Canadian rock legends and Willowdale natives Rush.
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