Subjects of Desire

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Country Listing:Canada
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Director(s):Jennifer Holness


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Streaming October 17 - November 30

Since 1968, the Miss Black America beauty pageant has been celebrating and upholding the philosophy "Black is Beautiful." First mounted as a political protest against the exclusion of Black women from the Miss America pageant, the event is the jumping-off point for Subjects of Desire—a thought-provoking primer on how Black features and aesthetics have influenced, and been influenced by, modern beauty standards. From harmful stereotypes and light-skin privilege to hair politics and #BlackGirlMagic, the film explores what it means to be a Black woman in North America in all its dimensions. Featuring interviews with India Arie, Amanda Parris and the infamous Rachel Dolezal, a white activist who for years claimed to be Black, Subjects of Desire offers a wide-ranging look at the intersection of race, beauty and politics.

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