TAAFI 2023: Popcorn Time/Let's Go Wongos

Third Party Event


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Fri, Feb 17, 2023 11:45 PM
Film Info
Country Listing:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Dan Forke
Michael Van Swearingen
Peter Steineck


TAAFI's Toronto Animation Film Festival is a hybrid festival for the first time ever! Six cartoony-packed days celebrating over 100 animated films and their creators. Plan some time to come back out in person or sit back and recharge while hiding away in your bunker to watch! Or both!

Feast on weird, beautiful and awe inspiring cartoons from around the world, all from the comfort of your couch or Hot Docs' comfiest seats available. It's happening IN PERSON from February 13 - 18.

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Popcorn Time | D: Dan Forke
Whether it's an ad for your local hypnotist, a little trivia game about the highest paid animal actors, a dancing soda begging you to buy more candy, or a trailer for the next indie horror classic, the screen is your oyster. Popcorn Time is all about exploring the realm of advertisements, trailers, concessions promotions, and anything else you may see on the big screen at your local cinema before the movie plays.

Organized by Dan Forke.

Created in association with Braindead Studios A collaborative work created by 31 animators!

Let's Go Wongos | D: Michael Van Swearingen and Peter Steineck
Let's Go Wongos is a romantic comedy with a multi-layered mystery set in Wongledon High School. Taking cues and tropes from Y2K era high school rom-coms; Lily, Maggie, and Stan navigate the first week of their sophomore year with relative ease until people start disappearing around them one by one. Will there be anyone left to take to the Halloween Dance?

Like Janice’s Secret, Let's Go Wongos is a single story. Unlike Janice, this one is more dialogue heavy, scenes have more characters, the script is denser. We hope this will be a welcome challenge for everyone.

This is a third party event. For more information, please click here.