Science Vs.


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Sat, Nov 19, 2016 4:00 PM


Hot Docs Podcast Festival: See your favourite podcasts live on stage.

This hit show from Gimlet Media recently landed the #1 spot on the US iTunes charts, and for good reason! Australian host Wendy Zukerman gets the facts behind hot-button topics like organic food, gun control and the mysteries of the g-spot. In this first-ever live staging of the show, Wendy and producer Kaitlyn Sawrey will tackle their most contentious subject yet: our favourite treats. Are coffee, red wine and chocolate really good for us or are they making us fat and unwell? The Science Vs. team will pit facts against fads and offer a delicious dissection of the things we love to eat. When it comes to our diets, there are lots of opinions—and then, there’s science!

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