Curious Minds: Eating Italy: A Delicious Journey Through Italian Cuisine


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It is said that most people eat to live, while in Italy people live to eat. In this course, Hot Docs favourite Dr. Franco Gallippi returns to explore the history and cultural significance of some of the most famous dishes from his native land. From a simple plate of 'pasta e ceci' (pasta with chickpeas) to an elaborate 'timballo di maccheroni' (macaroni timbale), Franco will use famous scenes in Italian cinema and literature to examine the ingredients and regional differences that have shaped these mouthwatering delicacies, and the identity and history of a people that never stops talking about food.

This course is led by Professor Franco Gallippi, who completed his PhD thesis, Calvino: Reader of Leopardi and Galileo, at the University of Toronto in 2007. He was Assistant Professor of Italian at McMaster University in Hamilton, where he taught Italian language, literature, and cinema for four years. He is presently teaching at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto and his writing appears regularly in academic journals in Italy, Canada, and the United States.

Doors will open one hour before the first class. Registrants will receive supplementary materials in advance of their first class.

Co-presented by Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Fridays, September 22–November 3, 10a.m. to noon 
*Please note there is no class on October 13

September 22: Antipasto (Appetizers)
When Italy was a poor country an antipasto was a meal for many. As Italy found new prosperity and developed its agriculture on an industrial level, the antipasto became more refined and reached new heights of deliciousness. Burrata, anyone?

September 29: Primo (First Courses)
Did Marco Polo bring pasta to Italy from China? As we watch the most famous Italian actors twirl spaghetti around their forks, we'll explore this and the many other vital questions of national identity evoked by Italy's favourite first course.

October 6: Secondo (Second Courses)
Italy is a major producer of meat and fish. The choice between the two brings up interesting differences between Southern and Northern Italy, coastal and inland regions. We'll explore the fishing towns of Sicily in Il Postino and hike the rolling hills of Tuscany in search of wild boar.

October 20: Dolce (Dessert)
The films of Nanni Moretti abound with Italian pastries. Even the Pope in We Have A Pope (2011) can't resist a good 'bomba alla crema' (donut with custard cream). Let's use this sweet-toothed director to take a closer look at the art of Italian pastry-making, and its place in the progression of an Italian meal.

October 27: Caffè (Coffee)
While Italy can't boast about growing its own coffee, it has set the world standard for how to drink and prepare this delightful beverage. Espresso and cappuccino are no longer foreign words to non-Italians but the country's coffee appassionati are still debating what makes a perfect 'caffè espresso.'

November 3: The Italian Diaspora
We'll close by surveying Italian food beyond the borders of Italy. Italian immigrants to the US, Canada, South America and Australia have put their stamp on dishes that claim to be Italian, yet many of these dishes do not exist in Italy. What makes a dish authentically Italian? And if it's delicious, does it really matter?

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