Planet in Focus: Fest Forum: Cooked


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Sat, Oct 19, 2019 4:00 PM


The 2019 Planet in Focus Fest Forum topics include transportation, climate change, and mass production. Each panel is filled with experts who will share their perspective and answer your questions to further explore the film themes.

In July of 1995, Chicago suffered a heat wave of catastrophic intensity, resulting in a staggering death toll. A total of 739 Chicagoans lost their lives, with elderly, impoverished, and African American denizens disproportionally represented among the victims. In Cooked, playfully provocative documentarian Judith Helfand draws on these tragic circumstances as the inspiration for a wider investigation into poverty, race, and why marginalized communities tend to bear the brunt of the extreme weather events, which are growing ever more frequent with the advance of climate change. Helfand also delves into the booming ‘disaster preparedness’ industry, where the price tags of preventative measures tend to exclude all but the privileged.

Preceded by short film Scenes From A Dry City
An impressionistic survey of Cape Town’s water crisis which has had drastically contrasting effects for the city’s rich and poor residents.

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General Admission: $15.00
Student/Senior: $10.00

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