International Vegan Film Festival


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Fri, Jan 24, 2020 8:30 PM


Presented by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, to celebrate Veganuary; the International Vegan Film Festival is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal: a healthier, compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives. The event will showcase a collection of the vegan themed short films.

  • Planet Vegan: Episode One - The Future Of Meat (D: James Hoot | United States)
  • The Farm in My Backyard (D: Jo-Anne McArthur | Canada)
  • THE DOOR (D: Rasit U. Tas, Simon Sonne | Denmark)
  • Reclaim (D: Jo-Anne McArthur, Kelly Guerin | Canada)
  • Pig Man (D: Amy Taylor, James Muir | New Zealand)
  • Gold Doesn't Rust: Animal Testing and its 21st Century Alternatives (D: Dr. Theodora Capaldo | United States)
  • Diet Change Not Climate Change (D: Roxy Velez | Germany)
  • Cow's Milk? (D: Roxy Velez | Germany)
  • Coming Closer (D: Meghan McClymonds | United States)
  • Casa de Carne (D: Dustin Brown | United States)
  • Bucking Tradition (D: Sharon M Boeckle | United States)
  • Apollo: Rise of the Poly-Vegan Soldier (D: Amy Taylor | New Zealand)

Post-screening Q&A with director Jo-Anne McArthur

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Tickets: $5

For more information, please visit International Vegan Film Festival and Toronto Vegetarian Association

Presented in partnership with Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema