Always Amber

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Film Info
Country Listing:Sweden
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2020
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:The Changing Face of Europe
Film Subjects:Children & Youth
Gender & Sexuality
LGBTQ Cultures & Issues
Love & Relationships
Northern Europe
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Hannah Reinikainen
Lia Hietala
Producer(s):Göran Hugo Olsson
Melissa Lindgren
Executive Producer(s):Tobias Janson
Editor(s):Hannah Reinikainen
Lia Hietala
Anton Hemgren
Charlotte Landelius
Cinematography:Lia Hietala
Amber Mastracci
Sound:Fredrik Stålne


“How much should I change myself, because society doesn’t change fast enough?” Just 17 years old but already wise to the social constructs of gender and behaviour, Amber takes the neutral Swedish pronoun “hen” and their own path. Best friends since elementary school, Amber and Sebastian explored their queerness together, dyed each other’s hair every colour possible and became each other’s safe space. With the first blush of romantic love, however, Sebastian falls for Amber’s girlfriend. The love triangle breaks the trust between the once-inseparable pair, leaving Amber to transition alone. But in place of the tantrums and tearful scenes that define classic teen narratives, Always Amber rewrites the coming-of-age story with the inspiring self-confidence of its protagonist. Following Amber for three years, this intimate observation reveals an understanding of selfhood and an acceptance of difference entirely unique to the “their” generation. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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  • POV - "Poignant and decidely inspiriting"
  • In the Seats - 4 stars

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The Changing Face of Europe