Dead Souls' Vacation

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Film Info
Country Listing:Georgia
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2020
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:The Changing Face of Europe
Film Subjects:Eastern Europe
Families & Family Relationships
Music & Musicians
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Keko Chelidze
Producer(s):Kote Kalandadze
Elene Margvelashvili
Editor(s):Kote Kalandadze
Keko Chelidze
Elene Asatiani
Writer(s):Keko Chelidze
Kote Kalandadze
Cinematography:Kote Kalandadze
Composer:Levan Svanidze
Gia Toidze
Sound:Kote Kalandadze
Nika Paniashvili


Twenty years ago, in Tbilisi, Georgia, Levan Svanidze was somebody. He had made a name for himself as a talented bass player, but now he’s 45, broke and living with his elderly mother in a tiny studio apartment. Sharing only 14 square metres, they literally could not be any closer. Lamara occupies herself with her son’s meals and appearance and regales him with the same stories about her late husband and her love for Stalin on endless repeat. Distraught over who Levan might be seeing when he does venture out to sell his CD, she calls his cell phone ceaselessly until he returns. Too young to retire, but too old to be cool again, Levan is stuck, and with no one else to share her memories, Lamara holds on as tightly as she can. Codependent and cohabitating, this expertly observed mother–son chronicle serves up not only an astute look at one family’s dysfunction, but an intimately absurd slice of post-Soviet life. Myrocia Watamaniuk

This film includes a pre-recorded Q&A.

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The Changing Face of Europe