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Film Info
Country Listing:Norway
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2020
Accessibility:Partial Subtitles
Program Category:Special Presentations
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Tonje Hessen Schei
Producer(s):Jonathan Borge Lie
Executive Producer(s):Philippa Kowarsky
Annie Roney
Editor(s):Torkel Gjørv
Cinematography:Henrik Ipsen


Big Ideas presented by Scotia Wealth Management: Hear from notable subjects and experts on issues featured in the film.

A live webinar took place on Sunday, May 31. The recorded webinar is available on YouTube.

Webinar: Our new Algorithmic World Order: COVID-19, Surveillance & the End of Truth
A new world order has emerged and continues to evolve at incredible speed. Many view AI as one of the, if not the most, disruptive and far-reaching technology in the history of mankind. With COVID-19, it might be more important than ever to understand how AI is developed and implemented. With governments frantically building up AI surveillance architectures, controlling our information and in a time when we are more dependent on the digital realm than ever, it is now crucial to understand how this tech can be used as a weapon.

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is an era defined by a technological revolution that infiltrates every walk of life: information control, governance, surveillance, privacy, society, and what it fundamentally means to be human. Without regulation, legislation and governance frameworks based on crucial ethical standards, we run the risk of losing our grip on this ever-evolving technology, thus removing human intelligence and uniqueness from the equation.

iHuman is a political thriller about artificial intelligence, power and social control. With unique deep access to the inside of the booming AI industry, the film shows how the most powerful and far-reaching technology of our time is changing our lives, our society and our future.

For this North American premiere of the film, we are thrilled to host a live webinar featuring experts from the film: Lee Fang, investigative journalist from the The Intercept, and Hao Li, deepfake pioneer. Join us and learn from leading experts, director Tonje Hessen Schei, and her journey on the inside of the AI revolution.

About the film
Take a deep dive into rapidly expanding forms of artificial intelligence, as told by some of the pioneers and experts of the field who reflect on the massive impact these advancements have on our world.

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