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Film Info
Country Listing:Japan
Premiere Status:Canadian Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2020
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:World Showcase
By Program - Sort:10-Day
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Kazuhiro Soda
Producer(s):Kazuhiro Soda
Kiyoko Kashiwagi
Editor(s):Kazuhiro Soda
Cinematography:Kazuhiro Soda


After five decades of developing an open-door approach to mental health care based on community and empathy, 82-year-old Dr. Yamamoto is about to retire from his practice to care for his wife Yoshiko. Renowned Japanese director Kazuhiro Soda—whose previous film Inland Sea Bong Joon-ho himself described as “quietly heartbreaking”—records his last consultations with his patients, who are anxious about the loss of the beloved doctor they’ve depended on for so long. Gracefully capturing significant gestures and expressions, Soda shows the affection, trust and sadness at the heart of these relationships, before turning his attention to Yamamoto’s personal life. The bond between the old man and his wife is infused with the same loving patience, as the couple finds new routines and harmony in their twilight years. Full of wisdom and poetic imagery, Zero is an indelible portrayal of human frailty and kindness, and a masterpiece of compassionate filmmaking. Charlotte Selb

This film includes a pre-recorded Q&A.

Co-presented with Japan Foundation, Toronto

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