Short Documentary: Lessons Injustice

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Runtime:9 min
Country Listing:Canada
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Display Category:Special Events
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Director(s):Karen Chapman
VR Director(s):TRUE


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For parents of teens across the country, a first driving lesson is a right of passage, often inspiring a mixture of pride and trepidation. But for Black Canadians like Danardo Jones and his son Deshaun, that trepidation is informed and intensified by systemic racism. How does a parent prepare their maturing child for the specific scrutiny that comes with navigating the world while Black? Danardo Jones' powerful monologue reveals the conflicting thoughts and emotions he grapples with knowing he will have to teach his child these life lessons. "How do you tell your kid that the world is rigged against him? Am I the eternal pessimist or am I just being real?"

Originally presented as part of Hot Docs’ 2017 anthology collection In the Name of All Canadians, this presentation will mark the first time Lessons Injustice screens in Canada as a standalone work.

Additional Information

For Viola: A new and important screening series centering Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour (BIPOC)-led stories and filmmakers, named in honour of Canadian civil rights icon Viola Desmond. The series seeks to affirm Hot Docs as a space of inclusion for BIPOC creators and audience members alike.

In order to minimize barriers to audience participation, all screenings in this series are free of charge.

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