The Fate of the Trumpocracy with David Frum & Ben Rhodes

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The ongoing US Presidential election is a tense and provocative political spectacle. Americans are grappling with social and economic upheaval, an unprecedented public health crisis and, according to some observers, the survival of democracy itself. During the final weeks of the campaign, join veteran broadcaster and former CBC Washington Correspondent Alison Smith for a series of three live digital presentations that will examine what’s at stake in this historic campaign and the two wildly different candidates who are running for President. We’ll assess the issues and events that could decide the outcome—and we’ll check in with leading political experts to assess how this heated contest will change America and the world.


After recapping the latest developments in the campaign, Alison checks in for one-on-one interviews with two of the most influential White House advisors of the 21st Century:

• David Frum, The Atlantic Monthly senior editor, and former George W. Bush speechwriter, who will discuss how the election could impact America’s democratic institutions and the future of the conservative movement.

• Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama and host of Crooked Media's popular Missing America and Pod Save the World podcasts, who will discuss the foreign policy implications of the 2020 campaign.

About host Alison Smith
A former senior correspondent and network host for the CBC, Alison Smith has reported from every Canadian province and territory and from across the globe. She was a CBC Washington correspondent from 2005 to 2009 and covered the historic election of President Barack Obama. With decades of experience and a deep network of sources, she remains one of Canada’s keenest observers of American politics.

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America Votes: Your guide to the 2020 US Elections, streaming live in three parts from September to November. Hosted by Alison Smith, one of Canada’s leading broadcasters and journalists.

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