Canadaland on Breaking the Big Story OR How to Take Down a Giant Without Getting Sued Into Oblivion

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Jesse Brown and his intrepid team at Canadaland have made their reputation—and built a large, loyal audience—by speaking truth to power and playing watchdog to Canada's media. They have also made major headlines of their own, most recently with their bombshell reporting on the international, million-dollar WE Charity. In this no-holds-barred conversation, Jesse and his colleagues dive deep into their work on the WE charity and discuss their thorough investigative processes, the legal and practical considerations when breaking an explosive story with political ramifications, and how to translate journalism into the podcasting medium.

Featuring Jesse Brown (host and publisher), Jonathan Goldsbie (News Editor, Co-Host of Wag the Doug), Jaren Kerr (Reporter), and Andréa Schmidt (Managing Editor of Podcasts) in conversation with Robyn Doolittle, author and investigative reporter with The Globe and Mail.

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, January 27 at 1:00 PM. Watch on demand until February 28. Closed Captioning will be available on the recording up to 72 hours after the event wraps.

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Drawing from diverse multicultural experiences, this podcast aims to shine a light on the undercurrent of opinions and topics that aren’t normally delved into. // One of the 12 podcasts selected for Opening Act, a Festival initiative showcasing the next wave of Canadian audio storytellers.

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