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Is there a more innovative, topical and consistently rewarding podcast than Reply All, the Gimlet Media smash hit that tells captivating stories about the digital age? If millions of monthly listeners, and the rave reviews of tastemakers like Ira Glass are any indication, the answer is probably no, and the show's run of creative excellence has only accelerated since the arrival of Emmanuel Dzotsi, the virtuoso reporter (and former Serial co-host) who recently joined Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt as the show's third host. In this rare glimpse into the making of the show, Emmanuel and producer Anna Foley will join B.A. Parker, the producer of New York Magazine's hit podcast The Cut, to discuss the thrilling stories they've recently brought to life, the topics and themes they are most excited to explore moving forward, and the fascinating, and increasingly urgent question, of how to tell stories about the internet.

In conversation with  B.A. Parker, producer of The Cut podcast and former producer with NPR's Invisibilia and Gimlet Media's Heavyweight.

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Originally broadcast on Thursday, January 28 at 3:00 PM. Watch on demand until February 28. Closed Captioning will be available on the recording up to 72 hours after the event wraps.

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