Come Back Anytime

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Film Info
Country Listing:Japan
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:Special Presentations
Film Subjects:Aging & Mortality
Asian Cultures & Issues
Food & Food Culture
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):John Daschbach
Producer(s):Wataru Yamamoto
Editor(s):John Daschbach
Cinematography:John Daschbach
Composer:Brent Lord
Michael Shaieb
Sound Design:Ryotaro Harada


Masamoto Ueda is a self-taught master who runs legendary Tokyo noodle shop Bizentei with his wife. Without heir or apprentice, Ueda's recipes will die with him, which is perhaps the secret to his vitality and hunger for new ingredients and experiences even after 40 years—he is able to invent new techniques and flavours without the burden of tradition. Specializing in soy-based ramen, the same light, gentle flavour distinguishes his noodles, distinguishes the man himself, and attracts a clientele of devoted customers and true friends who give him purpose that goes beyond livelihood; it gives him life. A mouth-watering story told in four seasons, follow the gregarious master and his regulars as they venture out into Japan's picturesque countryside to harvest gourmet pears, bamboo shoots and mountain yams. Whet your appetite for restaurant-eating again by filling up on good food and even better company in this rhythmic and nostalgic soak in camaraderie. Angie Driscoll

Curious Minds at Hot Docs Festival // Surviving the Pandemic, One Bowl at a Time
Aoi Yoshida and Shin Inaba, cross-global owners and chefs of Musoshin Ramen, join ua to discuss remotely opening a restaurant, re-creating signature ramen flavors, and the tenacity of the restaurant industry during COVID-19.
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 Co-presented with Toronto Japanese Film Festival

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  • POV Magazine  - "Cozy, heartwarming doc"
  • exclaim - Ramen Documentary 'Come Back Anytime' Is Worth Savouring
  • NOW Magazine - "Gentle documentary looks at a year in the life of chef Masamoto Ueda's tiny Tokyo ramen bar"

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