Dark Blossom

Includes Q&A

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Film Info
Country Listing:Denmark
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Partial Subtitles
Program Category:Nightvision
Film Subjects:Children & Youth
European Cultures & Issues
Love & Relationships
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Frigge Fri
Producer(s):Mathilde Hvid Lippmann
Executive Producer(s):Helle Faber
Writer(s):Frigge Fri
Editor(s):Esben Bay Grundsøe
Cinematography:Frigge Fri
Sound:Sune Kaarsberg


Josephine has a tough time making friends in the small town where she grew up. But her loneliness lifts once she starts livestreaming and embraces a "girly goth" alter ego. She clicks with two flamboyant goths online: Jay, a Christian with a skyscraping mohawk, and Nightmare, a gay, half-Pakistani musician. Together, they form a tight-knit trinity of support and share a fascination with death and dark fashion. But when rosy romantic love blooms, will it break their moribund bond? This incisive lookbook of selfies and social media videos dissects how style can express individuality and identity, while paradoxically inhibiting it. Can these friends accept each other as they grow up and out of their dark disguises? A visually inspiring film about fitting in and standing out, Dark Blossom identifies intolerance, social control and mediocrity among a group of image-conscious outsiders who embrace difference as long as it is mirrored back to them. Angie Driscoll


  • exclaim - "Part documentary, part goth lookbook"
  • Screen Daily - A new romance tests the friendship of some Goth youths in this impressionistic Danish doc

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