Four Seasons in a Day

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Film Info
Country Listing:Belgium
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:International Spectrum
Film Subjects:European Cultures & Issues
Migration & Immigration
Politics & Political Intrigue
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Annabel Verbeke
Producer(s):Frederik Nicolai
Eric Goossens
Karl-Emil Rikardsen
Ljubo Zdjelarevic
Lukas Trimonis
Writer(s):Annabel Verbeke
Frederik Nicolai
Editor(s):Simon Arazi
Cinematography:Pieter-Jan Claessens
Sound:Marijn Thijs
Rune Hansen
Jean-François Levillain


Winner—Emerging International Filmmaker Award

It may only take 15 minutes to cross the lough between British-controlled Northern Ireland and EU member Republic of Ireland, but this refreshingly politics-free look at Brexit's brand-new border covers a huge gulf of public confusion. Filmmaker Annabel Verbeke placed cameras on board Carlingford ferry to eavesdrop on tourists and locals from both sides as they discussed what boundaries mean to them. What emerges is a dazzling array of fantastic accents, casual racism and general agreement that while all teenagers are terrible, British and Irish people are all nice and the same. A "Leave"-voting dad lets his kids know that while he's glad their generation can make Catholic friends, they mustn't forget they're British, while an Irish mother tells her adult son that she welcomes multiculturalism but the English should still remember they're living on the tip of her island. Old arguments, deep scars and fresh apathy over a still-misunderstood decision populate this delightfully personal Brexit critique. Myrocia Watamaniuk

Co-presented with EU Toronto FF

International Spectrum program supported by
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  • La Estatuilla - "An intelligent and intimate study of the consequences of Brexit"
  • Screen Daily - "A ferry trip between the North and South of Ireland is a surprisingly moving event"
  • POV MagazineQuiet Before the Storm

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