Gaucho Americano

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Film Info
Country Listing:Chile
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Partial Subtitles
Program Category:International Spectrum
Film Subjects:American Culture & Issues
Latin American Cultures & Issues
Rural Life
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Nicolás Molina
Producer(s):Joséphine Schroeder
Executive Producer(s):Joséphine Schroeder
Marcela Santibañez
Writer(s):Paula López Wood
Valentina Arango
Nicolás Molina
Editor(s):Camila Mercadal
Cinematography:Nicolás Molina
Sound:Jorge Acevedo
Roberto Espinoza


Set against the vast and rugged landscape of Idaho, a group of unlikely characters have been brought together through the North American sheep farming industry. Joaquín Agüil, 54, and Victor Jara, 28, both Patagonian gauchos, are hired as sheep farmers to work on a ranch in the American West. Known for their ranching abilities and their endurance under extreme weather conditions, both Joaquín and Victor leave their families behind to pursue their dreams of earning enough money to buy land of their own back in Chile. With dramatic cinematography, a splendid soundtrack and expert comedic timing, director Nicolás Molina captures the complexities of living in a foreign land as the two men meet their quirky American co-workers and attempt to navigate the difficulties of language, lifestyle and mutual curiosity. Heather Haynes

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