Generation Utøya

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Film Info
Country Listing:Norway
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:Systems Down
Film Subjects:Activism
European Cultures & Issues
Politics & Political Intrigue
Women & Women's Stories
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Aslaug Holm
Sigve Endresen
Producer(s):Tore Buvarp
Writer(s):Aslaug Holm
Sigve Endresen
Editor(s):Lisa Ekberg
Aslaug Holm
Cinematography:Aslaug Holm


Systems Down: Challenging the status quo

A decade after they survived the terror attacks on Utøya island by a far-right extremist who targeted members of Norway's Workers' Youth League, four women transform their injuries and trauma into strength and use their personal experiences to legitimize their political positions. They run for office, lead and draft policy to prevent future attacks, safeguard democratic rights and pave the way for social equality. Working within government, they represent a new generation of change-makers, vehemently opposed to xenophobia, fascism and hate speech. Generation Utøya demonstrates how these survivors leverage their authenticity in the political arena to get old, white, male politicians to pay attention and provides insight into how young women are seen and heard (or not) in politics. Surviving the terrorist attack is used as a credential to label these women—much like race, gender or political affiliation—however insensitive, triggering and unwanted, but in this unique example, they reclaim that pain as a tool for change. Angie Driscoll

Generation Utøya is being presented in partnership with the the Royal Norwegian Embassy
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This event has been financially assisted by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, administered by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund Corporation.


  • POV Magazine - "A fascinating political study"
  • Filmuforia - "A testament to the enduring strength of those women who live on"

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