High Maintenance

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Film Info
Country Listing:Israel
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:Artscapes
Film Subjects:Aging & Mortality
Art & Design
Jewish Interest
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Barak Heymann
Co-Director(s):Lukasz Konopa
Producer(s):Barak Heymann
Krzysztof Dzieciolowski
Editor(s):Shira Hochman
Cinematography:Lukasz Konopa
Sound:Aviv Aldema


Artscapes: Creative minds, artistic pursuits and inventive filmmaking

"Nature is my boss," says 88-year-old acclaimed Israeli sculptor Dani Karavan. It's the only entity he's willing to listen to. Defiantly pro-Palestinian, Karavan's nearly 100 site-specific memorials and monuments have been installed in countries around the world, championing peace over politics. His acclaimed work, however, is starting to deteriorate—much like his health—and Karavan is determined to visit as many of his structures as he can, while being a thorn in the side of whoever will listen. His delightfully brash humour provides the soundtrack to a riotous journey across Europe and Israel. Meanwhile, Karavan must decide whether to complete a controversial commission for the Polish government commemorating those who rescued Jews during WWII. Karavan turns to scholars and friends to weigh in, including a charming rendezvous with filmmaker Wim Wenders. In this captivating documentary, director Barak Heymann skilfully weaves together comedy and politics to create a portrait of a man who refuses to be forgotten. Vivian Belik

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