The New Plastic Road

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Film Info
Country Listing:Greece
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2021
Accessibility:Partial Subtitles
Program Category:The Changing Face of Europe
Film Subjects:Capitalism & Big Business
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Myrto Papadopoulos
Angelos Tsaousis
Producer(s):Angelos Tsaousis
Writer(s):Myrto Papadopoulos
Angelos Tsaousis
Editor(s):Kyriakos Stylianopoulos
Cinematography:Myrto Papadopoulos
Sound:Aris Louziotis
Alexandros Sidiropoulos


The 2004 reopening of the Silk Road between China and Tajikistan signaled an economic boom for the poorest of the former Soviet states. One treacherous trucking route through the mountainous border region becomes a literal lifeline, allowing some citizens to move from abject poverty to a potential middle class. When local entrepreneur Davlat was born, his family barely navigated these roads with small cars in a single lane. Banking on a brighter future, Davlat borrows heavily to buy two transport rigs and deliver new Chinese goods. But what happens when modern capitalism arrives in his barely Industrial Age life? Trade between one small cog and a global superpower threatens to overwhelm his marriage, family and dreams in unexpected ways. Striking cinematography of a seldom-seen region elegantly contrasts with the quietly observed interior world of a modern labourer who discovers a new geopolitical reality. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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  • POV Magazine - "An intimate and fascinating look at the both the benefits and personal cost that comes with globalization" 

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