Persister Shorts Program 1: Workforce

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Country Listing:Various
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Festival Year:2021
Program Category:Persister
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Persister: Women speaking up and being heard

Women’s work has always been ignored, underpaid and taken for granted. Domestic workers, farmers, artists, hairdressers, reindeer herders and strippers remind us that their labour is essential and that as taxpayers, voters and bosses, appreciation of their efforts may come by force.

Persister program presented in partnership with Oxfam Canada
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Included Shorts

My Grandmother Is an Egg (8min) More
A Mother's Body (9min) More
Terms and Conditions (20min) More
Svonni vs the Swedish Tax Agency (5min) More
Ain't No Time for Women (19min) More
Wearable Tracy (13min) More
Last Night at the Strip Club (12min) More

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Ending global poverty begins with women