Little Satchmo

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Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Wed, Dec 15, 2021 7:00 PM
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Country Listing:USA
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Display Category:Special Events & Series
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Director(s):John Alexander


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“On June 24, 1955, Louis Armstrong became a father. Lucille Preston became a single mom. And I, Sharon Louise Preston, became invisible."

Louis Armstrong was always a part of Sharon's childhood; however, no one but close friends and family even knew Sharon existed. The product of a two-decade long affair between the renowned musician and vaudeville dancer Lucille "Sweets" Preston, Sharon's relationship with her father was excluded from all historical record. For over half a century, Sharon kept the family secret, living her life hiding in the shadows of her fathers fame...until now. Based on Sharon's memoir, Little Satchmo tells her story, resonating with themes of pride, shame and a search for belonging. 

Includes a post-screening Q&A with executive producer and writer Sharon Preston-Folta and director John Alexander.