When Jews Were Funny

I Curmudgeon: The Personal Films of Alan Zweig
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I Curmudgeon: The Personal Films of Alan Zweig
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Streaming November 25–January 27

Awarded Best Canadian Film at TIFF in 2013, When Jews Were Funny is a gentle investigation into the history of Jewish humour in North America. Beloved filmmaker and Torontonian Alan Zweig puts the century’s funniest Jews on the hot seat to answer the question: Are Jewish comics funnier? Marc Maron, Gilbert Gottfried, Howie Mandell, Shelly Berman, Bob Einstein and a slew of notorious others shed light on the matter with uproarious insights that illuminate the roots of Jewish comedy. Through his signature deadpan style, Zweig’s interviews reveal the extent to which Jewish humourists succeeded under hostile cultural circumstances in shaping the foundations of modern American humour.

With a special introduction by Alan Zweig.

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