Once Upon a Time in Uganda

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Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Thu, Apr 28 9:30 PM
Varsity 7 Mon, May 2 2:00 PM
Film Info
Country Listing:USA
Premiere Status:Ontario Premiere
Landing Page:https://hotdocs.ca/whats-on/hot-docs-festival/films/2022/once-upon-a-time-in-uganda
Festival Info
Festival Year:2022
Program Category:Nightvision
Film Subjects:African Cultures & Issues
Film & Filmmakers
Popular Culture
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Cathryne Czubek
Co-Director(s):Hugo Perez
Producer(s):Gigi Dement
Cathryne Czubek
Matt Porwoll
Hugo Perez
Kyaligamba Ark Martin
Executive Producer(s):Sarah Dowland
Writer(s):Cathryne Czubek
Amanda Hughes
Editor(s):Cathryne Czubek
Amanda Hughes
Cinematography:Matt Porwoll


Nightvision: Future cult classics

Welcome to Wakaliwood, the prolific low-budget action-flick film studio run by mastermind Isaac Nabwana and known the world over. Birthed in Wakaliga, a slum in Uganda's capital city Kampala, Wakaliwood has risen to international fame with the help of former film festival director Alan Hofmanis, who came to learn about the studio by chance. On a whim, he flew to Kampala to meet the genius behind the sharp cuts and exploding heads, and ended up staying for the next four years. As the years pass and the mountains of movies grow, Nabwana's ultimate quest for local government recognition—and thus sustained economic support—seems like it might finally happen, but Hofmanis's global dreams could get in the way. Once Upon a Time in Uganda is tale of two men, a remarkably innovative creative community and their action-packed commitment to cinema. Nataleah Hunter-Young

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